The European Research Council (ERC) was founded by the EU in 2007 to fund outstanding science. 10 years later, ERC grants stand out as the most prestigious award for high quality research in Europe.

The sole selection criterion for an ERC grant is scientific excellence. The process is so competitive that only 11% of applications are funded. However, the talented scientists at the VBC dramatically outperform the average, with an impressive funding rate of almost 60%.

In total, the institutes at the Vienna Biocenter have hosted an impressive 40 ERC grants over the last 10 years: 22 Starting Grants, 5 Consolidator Grants, 12 Advanced Grants and 1 Proof of Concept. These grants have brought 70 million EUR of funding.

Vienna Biocenter is the No. 1 life-science location in Austria in terms of ERC grants, and a main player for life-sciences research in Europe!