Vienna Open Lab is a joint initiative of OPEN SCIENCE and IMBA, with the aim of making research in the life sciences more accessible to the general public. To date, it has provided more than 4.000 visitors with an interactive glimpse into the life sciences.

Visitors can perform real experiments with many of the tools and techniques used by scientists today. Two modern, hands on laboratories are available for layman to learn about scientific techniques and methods. Supervised by young students and researchers, visitors can explore the exciting world of molecular biology, from isolating DNA to genetic diagnostics.

Various workshops for children, teenagers and grown-ups as well teachers are available year round. From pre-school children to senior citizens, the Vienna Open Lab organizes a variety of programmes suitable for all ages and levels of scientific understanding.

Vienna Open Lab
Dr. Bohr-Gasse 3
1030 Vienna
Building: IMBA/GMI – Map

+43 (0) 1 790 44 45 91