Research GroupInstituteTopic
BaccariniMFPLDeciphering the MAPK pathway in vivo
BusslingerIMPStem cell commitment in haematopoiesis
CampbellMFPLMechanisms that ensure chromosome segregation fidelity in mitosis
Djinovic-CarugoMFPLStructural Biology of the Cytoskeleton
EllingIMBAFunctional genomics in embryonic stem cells
FoisnerMFPLLamins in nuclear organization and human disease
FuchsMFPLStress response in simple epithelia
IkedaIMBALinear ubiquitination in inflammation, cell death and autophagy
Jantsch-PlungerMFPLMeiosis in C. elegans
KnoblichIMBABrain development and disease
KowalskiMFPLMolecular and structural biology of picornaviruses
KuchlerMFPLHost-Pathogen Interactions & Mechanisms of Drug Resistance & Fungal Pathogenesis
LeonardMFPLStructural Biology of Lipid-Activated Signal Transduction
MartensMFPLMolecular Mechanisms of Autophagy
MartinezMFPLBiochemistry, physiology and disease of the tRNA splicing pathway in mammalian cells
MüllnerMFPLErythrocyte (patho)physiology and storage in transfusion units
ObenaufIMPMolecular mechanisms of metastasis and drug resistance
PavriIMPMolecular mechanisms of antibody diversification
PenningerIMBAModeling human disease
UrbanIMBASystemic regulation of adult neurogenesis
ZuberIMPFinding and probing cancer drug targets using advanced RNAi technologies