Research GroupInstituteTopic
AmeresIMBAMechanism and biology of RNA silencing
BellIMBAMechanisms of epigenetic memory
BlaasMFPLEarly interactions of viruses with host cells
BrenneckeIMBATransposon silencing & heterochromatin formation by small RNAs
ClausenIMPMolecular mechanisms of protein quality control
Djinovic-CarugoMFPLStructural Biology of the Cytoskeleton
GerlichIMBAAssembly and function of the cell division machinery
HaselbachIMPWatching molecular machines in action
HermissonMFPLMathematics and BioSciences Group (MaBS)
KuchlerMFPLHost-Pathogen Interactions & Mechanisms of Drug Resistance & Fungal Pathogenesis
LeonardMFPLStructural Biology of Lipid-Activated Signal Transduction
NodineGMISmall RNA Functions in Plant Embryos
PlaschkaIMPmRNA processing and regulation
StarkIMPUnderstanding transcriptional regulation
VaziriIMPDynamics of coupled biological systems – methods and phenomena
von HaeselerMFPLCIBIV - Center for Integrative Bioinformatics Vienna
ZagrovicMFPLMolecular Biophysics
ZimmerIMPNeural Network Dynamics and Behaviour