Research GroupInstituteTopic
AmmererMFPLSignal transduction and transcriptional regulation in yeast
BachmairMFPLProtein modifiers in plants
BartaMFPLPost-transcriptional regulation of gene expression in plants
BeckerGMIGenomics and epigenomics of plant-plant and plant-environment interactions
BelkhadirGMIPlant cell signalling at the interface of growth and defences
BergerGMIChromatin Architecture and Function
CampbellMFPLMechanisms that ensure chromosome segregation fidelity in mitosis
DagdasGMIThe role of autophagy in plant development and stress tolerance
DjameiGMIEffectomics: Exploring the Toolbox of Plant Pathogens
HartigMFPLOrigin and biogenesis of peroxisomes
HaselbachIMPWatching molecular machines in action
KleinMFPLChromosome Structure and Meiotic Recombination
KraftMFPLRegulation and signaling in autophagy
KuchlerMFPLHost-Pathogen Interactions & Mechanisms of Drug Resistance & Fungal Pathogenesis
LoidlMFPLMeiotic chromosome pairing and recombination
MartensMFPLMolecular Mechanisms of Autophagy
Mittelsten-ScheidGMIEpigenetic Changes in Plants
NodineGMISmall RNA Functions in Plant Embryos
NordborgGMIPopulation Genetics
OgrisMFPLPP2A enzyme biogenesis and monoclonal antibodies
SchlögelhoferMFPLMeiotic Recombination