Research GroupInstituteTopic
AmeresIMBAMechanism and biology of RNA silencing
BrenneckeIMBATransposon silencing & heterochromatin formation by small RNAs
CochellaIMPTranscriptional and post-transcriptional mechanisms of cell-type specification
DammermannMFPLCentriole Assembly and Function
IkedaIMBALinear ubiquitination in inflammation, cell death and autophagy
Jantsch-PlungerMFPLMeiosis in C. elegans
KnoblichIMBABrain development and disease
KöhlerMFPLNuclear Pores - Regulators of Chromatin and Membrane Dynamics
RaibleMFPLOrigin and Diversification of Hormone Systems
StarkIMPUnderstanding transcriptional regulation
Teßmar-RaibleMFPLLunar periodicity and inner brain photoreceptors
VaziriIMPDynamics of coupled biological systems – methods and phenomena
ZimmerIMPNeural Network Dynamics and Behaviour