Research GroupInstituteTopic
AmeresIMBAMechanism and biology of RNA silencing
BachmairMFPLProtein modifiers in plants
BelkhadirGMIPlant cell signalling at the interface of growth and defences
BergerGMIChromatin Architecture and Function
BlaasMFPLEarly interactions of viruses with host cells
BläsiMFPLPost-transcriptional regulation in Bacteria and Archaea
BrenneckeIMBATransposon silencing & heterochromatin formation by small RNAs
CampbellMFPLMechanisms that ensure chromosome segregation fidelity in mitosis
ClausenIMPMolecular mechanisms of protein quality control
DagdasGMIThe role of autophagy in plant development and stress tolerance
DjameiGMIEffectomics: Exploring the Toolbox of Plant Pathogens
Djinovic-CarugoMFPLStructural Biology of the Cytoskeleton
DongMFPLStructural studies of ciliogenesis
FoisnerMFPLLamins in nuclear organization and human disease
GerlichIMBAAssembly and function of the cell division machinery
HartigMFPLOrigin and biogenesis of peroxisomes
HaselbachIMPWatching molecular machines in action
IkedaIMBALinear ubiquitination in inflammation, cell death and autophagy
IvessaMFPLProtein biogenesis and degradation from the ER
JuffmannMFPLQuantum Microscopy and Biophysics
KöhlerMFPLNuclear Pores - Regulators of Chromatin and Membrane Dynamics
KonratMFPLComputational Biology and Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy
KowalskiMFPLMolecular and structural biology of picornaviruses
KraftMFPLRegulation and signaling in autophagy
KuchlerMFPLHost-Pathogen Interactions & Mechanisms of Drug Resistance & Fungal Pathogenesis
LeonardMFPLStructural Biology of Lipid-Activated Signal Transduction
MartensMFPLMolecular Mechanisms of Autophagy
MartinezMFPLBiochemistry, physiology and disease of the tRNA splicing pathway in mammalian cells
MollMFPLRibosome Heterogeneity in Bacteria
MüllnerMFPLErythrocyte (patho)physiology and storage in transfusion units
NimpfMFPLApoER2 and VLDL Receptor
OgrisMFPLPP2A enzyme biogenesis and monoclonal antibodies
PauliIMPFunctions of short translated open reading frames (ORFs) in the context of development
PetersIMPMitosis and chromosome biology
PlaschkaIMPmRNA processing and regulation
PropstMFPLThe neuronal cytoskeleton in axon guidance
SchlögelhoferMFPLMeiotic Recombination
SchroederMFPLRiboregulation of transcription - how RNA controls its own synthesis
SkernMFPLInteractions between viruses and cells
SladeMFPLDNA damage response
StarkIMPUnderstanding transcriptional regulation
VaziriIMPDynamics of coupled biological systems – methods and phenomena
YudushkinMFPLFunctional imaging of signaling networks
ZagrovicMFPLMolecular Biophysics