Research GroupInstituteTopic
BaccariniMFPLDeciphering the MAPK pathway in vivo
BellIMBAMechanisms of epigenetic memory
BrenneckeIMBATransposon silencing & heterochromatin formation by small RNAs
BückerMFPLTranscriptional Regulation during Early Embryonic Development
BusslingerIMPStem cell commitment in haematopoiesis
CochellaIMPTranscriptional and post-transcriptional mechanisms of cell-type specification
EllingIMBAFunctional genomics in embryonic stem cells
Jantsch-PlungerMFPLMeiosis in C. elegans
KeaysIMPNeuronal migration and magnetoreception
KnoblichIMBABrain development and disease
KooIMBAHomeostatic regulation of adult stem cells
LeebMFPLMolecular control of cell fate decisions
LoidlMFPLMeiotic chromosome pairing and recombination
MendjanIMBAMolecular control of human organogenesis
Mittelsten-ScheidGMIEpigenetic Changes in Plants
MüllnerMFPLErythrocyte (patho)physiology and storage in transfusion units
NodineGMISmall RNA Functions in Plant Embryos
ObenaufIMPMolecular mechanisms of metastasis and drug resistance
PauliIMPFunctions of short translated open reading frames (ORFs) in the context of development
PenningerIMBAModeling human disease
RaibleMFPLOrigin and Diversification of Hormone Systems
TachibanaIMBAChromatin reprogramming in totipotent stem cells
TanakaIMPMolecular mechanisms of vertebrate regeneration
UrbanIMBASystemic regulation of adult neurogenesis
WeitzerMFPLSomatic Stem Cells of the Heart