…the Vienna Biocenter is a hot spot for the life sciences?

…currently, around 1.400 scientists and 700 students from over 40 nations are working and studying at the VBC?

…16 companies, four basic research institutes, one university of applied science, one science communication association, one business incubator and one public relations agency are located on the Vienna Biocenter?

…IMBA and the association Open Science run the Vienna Open Lab to make the life sciences accessible to the interested public?

…up to 90.000 m² of office and lab space are already in use at the VBC?

…the VBC has it's own Science Support Facilities (VBCF), providing top scientific infrastructure and a child care center?

…36 ERC Grants and 11 Wittgenstein Awards were received by researchers at the VBC?

The Vienna Biocenter at a glance

Opening of IMP with founding director Max Birnstiel


Relocation of five university departments to the Campus (now MFPL)

Founding of VBC PhD Programme

Kim Nasmyth becomes director of IMP

Founding of the initiative „Gentechnik & Wir“ (now Open Science)


Founding of Intercell as a spin-off of the University of Vienna and IMP

Relocation of Bender MedSystems to the Campus


Relocation of six biotech companies to the Campus (e.g. Genosense, VBC Genomics)

Founding of the Campus Vienna Biocenter Association


Founding of University of Applied Sciences (FH Campus Wien) in Biotechnology at the Campus


Establishment of two institutes of the Austrian Academy of Sciences on the Campus (IMBA with founding director Josef Penninger and GMI with founding director Dieter Schweizer)

Founding of AFFiRiS


Completion of laboratory building CVBC 2


Founding of the Max F. Perutz Laboratories (MFPL) as joint venture of Medical University of Vienna and University of Vienna

IPO of Intercell at the Viennese stock exchange

Diagnostics company Bender MedSystems opened an office in the US


Barry Dickson becomes director of IMP

Austrian Academy of Sciences opens the Life Sciences Centre Vienna hosting IMBA and GMI

Opening of the Vienna Open Lab at IMBA as a joint initiative of Open Science and IMBA

Start of construction work for laboratory building CVBC 3

Graham Warren joins MFPL as director


Completion of the Solaris building (lab and office area of 9,000 sqm) and start of construction work of the Marx Box

20 years anniversary of IMP celebrated with scientific conference at Hofburg Conference Center

AFFiRiS concluded business-deal with GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals


Establishment of the day care center for campus children

Magnus Nordborg joins GMI as scientific director

Organisation of the EU-project “European Researchers Night” in the Marx Halle (formerly Rinderhalle)

US-based eBioscience establishes its center of excellence for immunoassays by acquisition of Bender Med Systems

Founding of the Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities (VBCF - formerly Campus Support Facilities) with public funding by federal government and city of Vienna of up to 52 Mio € by 2020

Vienna Biocenter Summer School for talented undergraduates established

Apeiron Biologics concluded deal with GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals


Relocation of the University of Applied Sciences (FH Campus Wien) to the Marx Box

10 years anniversary of GMI


Completion of the Marx Box

US-based Affymetrix acquires eBioscience

Successful participation of the VBC in the nation-wide “Long Night of Research”

VBCF - Child Care service expands to include the Media Quartier


Intercell and Vivalis fuse to form Valneva

Jan-Michael Peters becomes director of IMP

10 years anniversary of AFFiRiS, FH Campus Wien, IMBA and MFPL

MFPL Symposium
on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Nobel Laureate Max F. Perutz

Groundbreaking for new IMP building

US-based Horizon Discovery acquires Haplogen Genomics

Relocation of INITS Business Incubator to VBC

Apeiron Biologicals enters cooperation with Evotec and Sanofi to develop cancer immunotherapies

Thermo Fisher Scientific acquires Affymetrix eBioscience

Founding of the Vienna Doctoral School “Molecules of Life” at MFPL

5 years anniversary VBCF

15 years anniversary GMI

Completion of new IMP building


Since 1988, the Vienna Biocenter (VBC) has developed into one of the most outstanding and prominent life sciences hubs not only in Austria but also in the Central European Region.