Working at the VBC

The VBC recognises that the most important part of the VBC is the people who work here. Therefore providing high quality scientific training to young scientists on state of the art equipment is a major focus of all research institutions at the VBC. The wide variety of job opportunities available and the close collaboration between basic and applied research institutions makes the VBC attractive to researchers at all stages of their career.

Research at the VBC is conducted by more than 80 different research groups within two universities, the IMP, and the two institutions (IMBA and GMI) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. In addition many of the companies at the VBC are research intensive, adding to the career perspectives of the researchers at our site. VBC institutions are committed to recruiting the very best scientists from all over the world. As a result, the VBC is highly international and has adopted English as the official working language.

The VBC offers an international, family-friendly atmosphere (including child care at the VBC). Excellent research is dependent on the availability of suitable infrastructure and modern equipment, which the VBC continuously strives to improve. The VBC is well connected to the public transportation system. VBC scientists take an active role in Biocenter life, including activities such as the VBC Amateur Dramatic Club. Sports facilities, cafeteria and several restaurants are also available on site. The VBC offers ideal working conditions and interesting leisure activities for all VBC scientists.



… from the quarantine house to the high class biocluster