Child Care Center

Besides a scientific infrastructure, the VBCF is offering a social infrastructure to the Vienna Biocenter, including the Child Care Center.

The Kindergarten is run by the Wiener Kinderfreunde and hosts, not only "little researchers" from the Vienna Biocenter, but from September 2012 onwards, also "young media kids" from the Media Quarter Marx.

The Child Care Center offers:

... extended opening hours

... the possibility to attend a crèche from 3 months of age on

... additional personnel to ensure optimal care for the children

... English lessons and carpentry with native English speaker Betsy Higgins-Pösinger:

... a creative surrounding that includes excursions into the countryside, a kids theatre, visits to strawberry fields, ice skating and everything a childs heart could desire


Kinderfreunde Child Care Center
Solaris Building
Karl-Farkas-Gasse 22
1030 Vienna

Contact/ Registration
Dagmar Mirek

T+43-(0)1-798 56 10

Opening Times
Monday to Friday
7am - 6pm

For more information please visit:


The VBC is growing fast and a number of research institutes, private enterprises and part of the Austrian Academy of Sciences have already settled down at the Vienna Biocenter.