MFPL group leaders Claudine Kraft (University of Vienna) and Alwin Köhler (Medical University of Vienna) have each been awarded a prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant. One of the most meaningful awards for researchers in Europe, the ERC Consolidator Grant will support their research in recognition of their future potential and past achievements. The funding amounts to EUR 2.000.000 over the course of five years for each grant. In total, 43 scientists at Vienna BioCenter have been awarded an ERC Grant since 2007.

The Vienna BioCenter accounts for approximately half of all ERC awards in Austria and is a main player for life-sciences research in Europe.

In total, the institutes at the Vienna BioCenter have hosted an impressive 43 ERC grants over the last 10 years: 23 Starting Grants, 7 Consolidator Grants, 12 Advanced Grants and 1 Proof of Concept. These grants have brought nearly 80 million EUR of funding to Vienna BioCenter.

Read more information about Claudine Kraft and about Alwin Köhler’s ERC Consolidator Grants here.

Claudine Kraft (University of Vienna), Alwin Köhler (Medical University of Vienna)
Photos: © MFPL/Daniel Hinterramskogler, ©MFPL/Arnd Oetting